Aug 28

Enthusiasm at Nancyphonies

Grande apprezzamento per il concerto per nancyphonies del 12 agosto 2017. Cliccate sul titolo per vedere il video.    
Feb 09

Langenargen Chamber Music Series

Linda & Floraleda will open the Langenargener Schlosskonzerte in the incredible Schloss Monfort on March 16, 2017. Festival Info: Tickets:
Oct 12

People standing!

Grande successo per linda Hedlund e Floraleda Sacchi e pubblico straripante dalla sala!
Sep 05

Sold out on Sept. 4, 2016

Linda Hedlund (violin), Floraleda Sacchi (Harp) at LakeComo Festival, Castello Durini, Alzate Brianza on Sep. 4, 2016
Jul 04

Success in Spain!

Linda Hedlund (Violin) nd Floraleda Sacchi (Harp) at International Harp festival, Cai Milionari, Sentmenat (Barcelona), Spain July 1, 2016  

South America – March/April 2016

Inusual concierto tanguero Pocas veces el público uruguayo tiene la posibilidad de escuchar un concierto de violín y arpa dedicado al tango, e interpretado con pasión y respeto por dos excelentes artistas que, curiosamente, sin ser rioplatenses lo sienten como si lo fueran. Me sorprendió muchísimo escuchar especialmente el arpa, instrumento asociado a lo angelical, adentrarse en un ámbito donde predominan las pasiones terrenales. La sonoridad que extrae de su instrumento la arpista italiana Floraleda Sacchi reconoce una infinita gama de matices. Su digitación es absolutamente segura y cómoda, así como su pedalización es imperceptible y eficaz. Además posee una fina musicalidad acompañada de un temperamento apasionado y vigoroso. El público que desbordaba la sala las aplaudió de pie. JULIO CÉSAR HUERTAS El Pais, 02 abr 2016
Nov 04

A new great review just before our US concerts

Intimamente Tango Decca, 2015. The love affair with Astor Piazzolla seems to have reached its apex. How many more musicians are there still to “discover” his music and put their unique artistic spin on this melancholy mix of dance, music, and culture that is the tango? I confess: I too fell under the spell of Argentina and recorded my own arrangements of Piazzolla tangos—along with others—but that was nearly 20 years, almost a lifetime, ago. That being said, I approached Floraleda Sacchi’s newest disc with a whiff of cynicism bordering on a sneer, “Well, here we go again.” So when I say this is a superb recording, know I really mean it. Floraleda performs with her near look-alike, the model-worthy beauty, violinist. They included a disclaimer right up front in the liner notes that they had watched the tango danced for years from the safety of the sidelines. While the dance, to them, is sensual, Piazzolla differs in this limited opinion, taking a far more nuanced attitude to its nostalgic but insistent, hypnotic character. While his critics say he murdered the tango, he claims he only performed plastic surgery, trained in the medical school of a classically disciplined education. With […]
Sep 14

Intimamente Tango will be back in November, book it now!

Sep 07

A special Shark!

#‎IntimameteTango‬ interpreta Escualo in versione speciale. Grazie ai Concerti dell’Accademia degli Sfaccendati, Vincenzo Abascià, Michela Di Natale e ai loro allievi. Museo delle Navi Romane, Nemi (Roma), 30 agosto 2015
Aug 16

Un ferragosto pieno di musica!

Grande successo per Intimamente tango a Ceresio Estate 2015
Jul 20

Save the date August!

6 August: Lapedona (Fermo, Italy) 15 August: Ceresio Estate (Sorengo, Switzerland) 30 August: Museo delle Navi Romane  (Nemi, Roma) non mancate!
Jul 20

A Video Review – 16 July 2015

An evening torn off the summer heat by the freshness and professional performance of two young musicians: Harpist Floraleda Sacchi and Violinist Maristella Patuzzi. The program – full of Argentine music veiled of melancholy, but brought to life and unusually energetic thanks to an original jazzy arrangement – enchanted the square crowded with attentive spectators. Protagonists with the musicians the harp in a robe outside the box – sometimes transformed into a percussion instrument in the pure rhythmic tangos, sometimes played as in the most classical music performance with light and celestial arpeggios. The execution of the violinist was in perfect harmony – as expected by the well established duo with major performances and recordings signed by major labels including Decca – and equally engaging, with a high level of interpretation. All thanks to an elegant and sinuous musical and physical continuation of the sound that kidnapped the audience. Some passages made the air vibrate with such subtile pianissimos that spectators hold the breath. Repeated ovations ended the evening as well as some encores for the complete satisfaction of the audience. *** Una serata strappata alla calura estiva dalla freschezza e professionalità esecutiva i due giovani musiciste: Floraleda Sacchi arpista […]